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What Is Gait Analysis?


Gait analysis is a common service offered in physical therapy offices. If you are an athlete, your coach or doctor may have recommended that you come in for a gait analysis at some point. Every aspect of your movement is important when you are an athlete or somebody who moves a lot on the job. For example, pronation, the way your foot and ankle align when you move, can impact your ability to move without injury while running or walking.

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What You Should Know About Total Hip Replacement


When you have been experiencing pain in your hips and legs for quite some time, it may not come as a surprise to you to find out you have damage to your hip joint. However, what may come as a shock is your doctor telling you that you need a total hip replacement surgery.

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Sciatica: Frequently Asked Questions


It's estimated that at least 80 percent of American adults will deal with back pain at some time in their life. One of the most common types of back pain is sciatica. To diagnosis this condition, your doctor will examine your medical history and perform many tests, including an x-ray or a CT scan.

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